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Ọrun Njabọ<br>Heaven is falling is every one's problem<br>60in X 36in<br>2012<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Gbe Gbe Gbe<br>Technology is a movement;Join the race or be Left behind<br>36in X 60in<br>2012<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ẹdẹyẹ Mọgbo<br>One does not set one's field on fire to trap birds<br>36in X 60in<br>2012<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Basọ<br>Eat your heart out<br>47.25in X 143.75in<br>2012<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Oriṣa Tingbe Ọlẹ Kosi<br>A god that supports the lazy rarely exists; rely on your hands.<br>28in X 40in<br>2006<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Gbo Gbo Ohun Tindan I<br>The grass may not always be greener on the other side<br>47in X 27in<br>2003<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Gbo Gbo Ohun Tindan II<br>All that glitters is not gold<br>46in X 27in<br>2003<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br>
Ọbọ Ni Yio Pararẹ<br>The monkey will kill itself<br>40in X 28in<br>2003<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Aye Kolọ Ra a<br>The world is not only about enjoyment; take advantage of every pleasant opportunity<br>30in X 40in<br>2002<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ọmọ To Sọko Sọja<br>Children with extended families should not throw stones into the market place<br>40in X 50in<br>1999<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Oju Toti Rokun<br>The eyes that have seen the mighty ocean will not be afraid of the river<br>30in X 30in<br>1998<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Abọ Ọrọ<br>Half a word is sufficient for the wise<br>30in X 30in<br>1998<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ẹni Gbe Ajọbi<br>The family that plays together stays together<br>30in X 42in<br>1996<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Owa Nbẹ<br>There is more that meets the eyes<br>28in X 24in<br>1994<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br>
Kai Anibaba<br>Yes indeed, we have a godfather; lets celebrate<br>42in X 32in<br>1994<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Owe Ẹlẹgan Ngele II<br>Loop the slanderer with the headwrap<br>20in X 28in<br>1993<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ilẹkẹ Lọmọ<br>Children are as precious as the strung waist beads that must not be broken<br>30in X 24in<br>1992<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Akasọ Leri<br>One who bares problem alone will also find its solution alone<br>30in X 24in<br>1992<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ọmọ Lododo Ẹyẹ<br>Children are the most beautiful adornment<br>36in X 24in<br>1991<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ọmọ Lere Aye<br>Children are the crowning glory of life<br>36in X 24in<br>1991<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ajoju<br>Excessive dance movement exposes the masquerade's most private part<br>34in X 24in<br>1991<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br>
Agba Tojẹ Ajẹ Iwẹhin<br>The elder who eats all his food without sharing with the children will carry his own load<br>36in X 24in<br>1991<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Igba Mbajo<br>When I was ready to dance the musicians dispersed<br>28in X 34in<br>1990<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Gele Odun<br>The head wrap is not attractive unless it is properly tied<br>20in X 24in<br>1990<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Owe Ẹlẹgan Ngele II<br>Loop the slanderer with the headwrap<br>28in X 20in<br>1990<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ẹyin Agba To Jẹsẹbi<br>All elders that united to share the secret kolanut should band together to find the solution<br>34in X 24in<br>1990<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Ododo Ẹyẹ<br>Red Rose<br>34in X 28in<br>1974<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br> Nibi Jijẹ, Mimu u<br>At the fete<br>40in X 40in<br>1973<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br>
Mo Duru Do’Luwa<br>Those who wait on God are never disappointed<br>40in X 38in<br>1973<br>© Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ</br>
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