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About Ibitayọ Ọjọmọ Professor Ibitayọ Ademọla Ọjọmọ, Painter, architect, and
educator was trained in Art and Architecture in Nigeria and further educated in
both areas in the United States of America. He attended the Pennsylvania
Academy of the Fine Arts, The University of the Arts, The Cooper Union, and
Drexel University. He was employed for many years as an architect by some of
the leading architects in Philadelphia. In 1982, Professor Ọjọmọ had a strong
desire to return to Nigeria to contribute to the growth of his country. He taught
and practiced architecture at the University of Ifẹ for more than a decade.
During the 1980’s he became a leading figure in the ỌNA group of artists,
formed to reclaim the beauty, honor and place of Ifẹ artistic legacy in
contemporary Nigerian art. Professor Ọjọmọ retuned to the United States in
1993. He currently teaches and practices in Philadelphia.

"The scope and scale of Professor Ọjọmọ's paintings are consistent with the
system of proverbs and adages he draws upon for subject matter. It is a system
reflecting millennia spent observing human behavior and refining the code of
social relations. Thus among the Yoruba a proverb anticipates and awaits every
conceivable circumstance. Concept of character are indelible in this system,
and Ọjọmọ uses them to develop visual metaphors, puns, and admonitions that
give venerable vernacular understanding a contemporary spin, thereby
renewing the old." Michael Harris, "The Yoruba Artist," Smithsonian Institution
Press, Washington and London, 1994.

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